ProBizMix Keeping pace with Innovation

I wanted to let you know that @ProBizMix was accepted as a member of the Atlanta Tech Village in the Enclave of Bulkhead / Atlanta, Georgia. ProBiz has been around @Salesforce from the start and kept pace with dramatic Innovation as the App Exchange ecosystem has grown and matured, just to find that the DNA from Salesforce as well as the incubation of new technology startups has fostered an even greater pace of Innovation!

I harken back to the day when Dave Cummings called me to see if I wanted to improve my Marketing Automation capabilities and offer it to my clients if I liked it 🙂 well, @Pardot was born, and I used the tool at my firm and offered it to many of my customers as well, who were extremely satisfied! As the story goes, Pardon gets acquired by Exact Target and ultimately Exact Target gets acquired by

As a Compassionate Capitalist, Dave poured his heart and soul into Atlanta Ventures and The “Atlanta Tech Village” to pay forward and give people the opportunities that are now available through him! The mayor and many congressmen have visited the “Village” and come away with many provocative thoughts and praises for what’s going on here!

I’ve been working with Key, Rivalry & Sales loft in their early stages and would love to share some of the positive experiences I’ve had in the village. The mission is to support and inspire entrepreneurs to achieve success through a community that promotes faster connections between talent, ideas, and capital. There are over 160 companies collaborating today, so visit virtually at and let me know if I can introduce you to someone in the Village or just get you connected!