Our Focus: Data Technology and Transformation

From database planning and installation to GUI development and application integration, ProBizMix maximizes an existing product base while developing effective custom solutions. ProBizMix’s experienced staff assists our clients in maximizing their data technology investment, lowering the cost of ownership, and keeping up with changing demands.

Data Transformation

Based on our experience, data poses one of the most significant obstacles to the success of a technology project. The importance of data activities such as mapping, extraction, transformation, and loading is often grossly underestimated.

1- Gather Requirements: It is essential to identify all data elements as well as their interrelationships early in the project lifecycle. We recommend the following

1- Map Data Elements: In our opinion, the importance of data mapping cannot be overstressed. An accurate and thorough data mapping document provides a foundation for all downstream data activities. Also, the mapping document becomes an invaluable project artifact for GUI development, interface development, reporting development, and testing.
2- Identify Data Sources: Data sources often impose constraints on resources and timelines as other organizations are brought into the sphere of the project. Identifying these data sources early in the process provides greater lead-time for extracting, transforming, and loading the data.
3- Extract Data: Data extraction involves designing data formats, determining transport protocols, identifying staging areas, and creating record validation routines.
4- Transform Data: Transformation can often be the most complex data activity. While we feel this complexity can be lessened by an accurate data mapping document, we agree that this activity presents unique challenges. Transformation involves the following: de-duplication, formatting, cleansing, truncating, data type alteration, etc. These activities are frequently accomplished through a combination of programmatic solutions and manual efforts.
5- Load Data: Data loading involves creating data validation routines, designing exception reports, identifying staging areas, and tuning load performance characteristics. Performance tuning is primarily the focus of this data activity.


What do your customers think of you? Providing exceptional customer service through effective Customer Relationship Management is essential to business success. Quality Customer Relationship Management systems ensure rapid responses to all customer inquiries and are designed to boost sales and demonstrate your active concern for customer satisfaction.

A properly executed CRM strategy can deliver top-line growth and rapid ROI benefits that are hard to ignore. This is only possible with a comprehensive approach that encompasses every area of business that touches the customer – not only customer service, but also sales and marketing – through the integration of people, processes, and technology.

The capability to integrate the application with back-office systems, emerging technologies, third party complementary applications and legacy applications is key, as is how the applications within the suite are integrated. Due to rapidly evolving customer acquisition and retention strategies, increased customer expectations, and new communications channels, solutions must be highly flexible. CRM requires support for analytic architectures found in marketing, and the transactional and mobile architectures found in sales and customer service.
We recognize that business and technology today move at an unprecedented pace, and gaining even a small competitive advantage can help organizations reap huge rewards in terms of overall health. We can help you navigate your way, whether you are thinking about taking the first step with CRM or already have a solution and need fine-tuning or support. New technologies and vendors are emerging every day and understanding what each offers and how you can benefit can be a challenge. ProBizMix can help you analyze what you need, understand how it fits with your current infrastructure, and implement a solution that will drive additional revenue and customer satisfaction through services that can include:
1- Providing current state technical analysis and CRM assessments/roadmaps
2- Introducing and Developing selling methodologies and market segmentation studies
3- Package analysis as well as package selection through a published methodology
4- Designing, developing, and implementing Total CRM solutions:
* Sales Force Automation
* Campaign Management
* Incentive Compensation
* Personalization
* EIS, DSS & OLTP Analytics
* Call Centers, inbound, outbound, or technical
5- Enterprise application integration with all systems and data sources
6- Database mapping, cleansing, extraction, transformation & loading, as well as marketing and mining
7- Program management of the full lifecycle for development including assessments and risk analysis

IT Management

For many companies, information technology (IT) is a key to success or even survival. IT must keep up with the changes in business conditions, user needs, revenue streams, technology, and competitive pressures.

ProBizMix approaches IT by developing value-based information systems strategies that support your business objectives. We don’t believe in technology for technologies sake. Instead, we work with your executives, managers, and staff to identify and develop new or more effective ways to use computers, systems, and networks.

Our consultants can help you improve your company’s responsiveness to changing markets, differentiate your products from those of your competitors, develop or strengthen links with customers and suppliers, enhance shareholder value and control the cost of delivering information.

By focusing on people and processes as well as technology, we deliver information systems and process improvements that contribute to your organizations success.

We can provide organizations with the IT management skills that ensure that critical systems remain current, accessible, reliable, secure, and perform as expected.

ProBizMix's real-world experience and knowledge of industry best practices provide a customized IT management solution that can include:
1- Conducting Information management reviews
2- Performing systems analysis, design, construction, and implementation
3- Performing software package evaluation and implementation
4- Providing Full Life-Cycle Program Management
5- Preparing and conducting facilitated requirements sessions
6- Developing “quick response” and detailed system requirements
7- Management of Technology Standards and Development
8- Implementation of IT governance processes
9- Development of strategic information systems plans
10- Preparation and execution of Change Management
11- Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
12- Providing Systems Administration & Management
13- Designing and implementing Security Management
14- Performing Software Licensing Control

Technical Writing

ProBizMix believes a vital, but often overlooked, component of many completed projects is knowledge transfer from consultant to staff and end-user. Without comprehensive, clear documentation, organizations risk being unable to exploit a solution’s full functionality. If the project is not well understood, it will not be well executed. Features that were built and paid for may go unused and the system ultimately fails to address important end-user needs. Furthermore, the lack of adequate documentation puts the organization in jeopardy of ineffective, inefficient maintenance and support. ProBizMix believes that comprehensive documentation can eliminate guesswork and errors, especially at a time of a system emergency.

In addition to outstanding writing skills, our technical writing partners are trained in information technology, science, engineering, higher-order mathematics and information security. They can take the most complicated concepts and translate them into well-written, understandable technical documentation.
Some typical projects include:
1-User manuals and online help
2- Application and infrastructure system documentation
3- Datacenter operating and recovery procedures
4- Information security policies and procedures
5- Business and technical analysis and requirements documents
6- RFPs and proposals
7- White Papers

Project Management

Project management is often the most overlooked component in an integrated business delivery process. Yet without skilled management, project completion is often delayed and costs escalate. Most often the problems stem from a lack of proper project definition, poor communication among project participants, inefficient use of resources, and improper use of systems that provide project information.

Effective project management contributes to results that meet or exceed expectations. At ProBizMix we work with you to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. We can serve as the project managers, directors, or advisors. We provide an objective comprehensive evaluation of all phases of the project management process and apply proven methodologies to your project.

Eighty-three percent of U.S. projects have their original targets changed or are cancelled. These project failures cost U.S. businesses $80 billion a year. With the odds already stacked against organizations that depend on projects to achieve their business objectives, it makes sense to get the expertise you need to make your next project a success.

We can help you structure, guide, and manage projects and direction. Our strength is based on applying critical success factors in project management while managing scope, cost, and deadlines. We have used these factors effectively to help in both advisory and project management roles.

ProBizMix's real-world experience and knowledge of industry best practices can serve you in:
1- Defining, scoping, organizing, and staffing projects
2- Developing work break down structures and associated deliverables
3- Coaching the process and participants Building effective teams and personnel management
4- Obtaining organizational commitment
5- Tracking key milestones and checkpoints through efficient project planning and scheduling
6- Identifying, acquiring, and managing needed resources and skills
7- Apply proven budget and cost management routines
8- Performing risk assessments and applying mitigation techniques
9- Applying project management technology to assure quality control
10- Developing communications planning and delivery methods
11- Management of the project or program office

Web Development

ProBizMix believes that organizations committed to creating new web-based applications or converting traditional legacy or client/server systems to web-based applications need more than a flashy front-end website to succeed.

Before a single line of code is written, ProBizMix studies the proposed web application or existing legacy application to understand the relevant business processes and system functionality. Together with our clients, we identify any new technological requirements and perform a comprehensive risk analysis. We believe that your tolerance for surprises is even lower than ours.

Once requirements are defined, Pro Biz Mix will identify the best tools to help you achieve your business objectives. We can assist with vendor comparisons, evaluations and negotiations to help you streamline the selection process.

Pro Biz Mix will work side-by-side with your staff and vendor resources to ensure that the new web application meets requirements in a timely cost-effective manner. Our goal is a smooth transition to the new system through constant monitoring and project management.
1- Internet Strategy
2- Business Requirements
3- echnical Requirements
4- Navigation Flow
5- Web Site Design
6- Custom Application Development
7- Web Marketing Strategy

Technology Assessment

Based on our experience, a technology assessment is an excellent tool for leadership to gain line of sight with obstacles that impede the success of a project. We have worked with the client.

Develop an understanding of the skills and resources of existing technology personnel within the client organization

1- Audit the Enterprise Infrastructure, Architecture and Corporate Security measures
2- Provide an application analysis and look at application integration so that the client can gain leverage on their IT investments
3- Perform a data audit on decision support systems and those systems up or downstream of the target applications
4- Audit technology investments and usage patterns while defining process mappings
5- Take inventory of the hardware, software, and configuration standards used by each of the business groups supported
6- Document, analyze and make recommendations around the existing support processes and service levels provided
7- Analyze the information collected and compare it with similar data from other parts of the organization and industry benchmarks
8- Develop and present recommendations for the changes required in the technical support levels and staffing
9- Initiate a plan for mitigation of existing risks, produce a future technology strategy, and provide recommendations to improve the client experience

Strategic Planning Services

Where will your organization be in one year? Where will it be in three years? In ten? Does your management team press toward a common, defined set of goals?
Strategic planning can keep your organization ahead of the game as well as give you the tools to know when you’re in danger of falling behind the competition. Building your organization on the foundation of a solid strategy is the key to successfully managing any organization in a complex and often chaotic business environment.

Strategic planning unites the mission and vision of the organization with the operational elements necessary for fulfilling a set of crucial objectives. At ProBizMix, we have a proven, systematic approach for moving your organization from chaos to focused decision-making.

Using our approach, you will identify your company’s short-term purposes and long-term goals. You will then be able to develop specific objectives and clarify the processes to achieve them. A communications plan will provide the roadmap for uniting the entire organization. Finally, we will work with you to design a management reporting tool to serve as a decision support mechanism for achieving the defined objectives.

Through value chain analysis, we can help you steer your organization through the opportunities and threats posed by competitors, government actions, international market forces, new technologies, and other factors outside your organization’s control.

ProBizMix's real-world experience and knowledge of industry best practices in Strategic Planning Services can include:
1- Conducting comprehensive strategic business planning
2- RFP, RFI development, assessment, and selection programs
3- Implementation of an Issue, risk, and jeopardy process framework
4- Building effective teams and personnel management
5- Development of realistic, measurable goals
6- Creation of executive information management systems & reporting tools
7- Planning and implementation of organizational change management
8- Providing focused measurements and metrics
9- Developing and implementing activity-based management