End-To-End Solutions

Why more companies are using Salesforce’s Customer Service software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for call center CRM and help desk management?
The key contrast with traditional customer support software is the “software-as-a-service” model. Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support by subscription over the Web, unlike on-premise customer service software. So there’s no hardware or software to purchase or maintain, and no lengthy deployment cycle to impede you, your agents, or your customers.

Information Technology

For many companies, information technology (IT) is a key to success or even survival. IT must keep up with the changes in business conditions, user needs, revenue streams, technology, and competitive pressures.

ProBizMix approaches IT by developing value-based information systems strategies that support your business objectives. We don’t believe in technology for technologies sake. Instead, we work with your executives, managers, and staff to identify and develop new or more effective ways to use computers, systems, and networks.

Our consultants can help you improve your company’s responsiveness to changing markets, differentiate your products from those of your competitors, develop or strengthen links with customers and suppliers, enhance shareholder value and control the cost of delivering information.

By focusing on people and processes as well as technology, we deliver information systems and process improvements that contribute to your organization's success.

We can provide organizations with the IT management skills that ensure that critical systems remain current, accessible, reliable, secure, and perform as expected.

ProBizMix's real-world experience and knowledge of industry best practices provide a customized IT management solution that can include:

1. Conducting Information management reviews

2. Performing systems analysis, design, construction, and implementation

3. Performing software package evaluation and implementation

4. Providing Full Life-Cycle Program Management

5. Preparing and conducting facilitated requirements sessions

6. Developing “quick response” and detailed system requirements

7. Management of Technology Standards and Development

8. Implementation of IT governance processes

9. Development of strategic information systems plans

10. Preparation and execution of Change Management

11. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

12. Providing Systems Administration & Management

13. Designing and implementing Security Management

14. Performing Software Licensing Control

Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud is the world’s most complete sales application. Comprehensive and easy to customize, the Sales Cloud helps companies manage people and processes more effectively. Reps get the tools they need to build stronger relationships and close more deals. Managers get real-time visibility into the team’s sales performance, plus the power to instantly make changes as the business changes.

Naturally, the Sales Cloud has moved forward, too. The Sales Cloud helps both sales reps and managers sell, but it also serves up the next generation of collaboration tools with Salesforce Chatter. Now you can stay on top of everything that’s happening in your deals, in real-time, with updates on people, documents, accounts, and deals pushed to you immediately in your Chatter feed. You can also get real-time updates from the road on your favorite mobile device with native apps for the Android, BlackBerry, iPad, and iPhone platforms.

Comprehensive and easy to customize, the Sales Cloud delivers information to you in real-time. Whether you’re in the office, on your mobile device, or offline, you’ll find the tools in the Sales Cloud that managers and reps need to improve visibility, build stronger relationships, and close more deals.

1. Chatter – Collaborate instantly within the context of your existing sales processes. Get real-time updates pushed to you on the people, data, and documents that can help you close more deals.

2. Accounts & contacts – Maximize sales rep productivity with a 360-degree view of each customer for deep knowledge of every account and contact.

3. Marketing & leads – Align marketing with sales to close deals faster, and see which of your marketing efforts leads to the most sales with a single system for managing and tracking multi-channel marketing campaigns from lead to close.

4. Opportunities & quotes – Turn sales opportunities into closed business with a single place for updating deal information, recording customer interactions, tracking competitors, and creating quotes.

5. Jigsaw data services – Your CRM data just got a whole lot better with real-time contact info and automated data hygiene. Discover new contact data, and turn previously unusable records into new leads.

6. Workflow & approvals – Get greater control over routine activities, eliminate redundant tasks, automate approvals, and experience widespread adherence to your business processes.

7. Email & calendaring – Remove the barriers to CRM by combining the desktop apps your reps already use in one spot. The Sales Cloud works seamlessly with Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, and Google Apps.

8. Partner management – Get unparalleled, real-time visibility throughout the full partner life cycle. Share information and collaborate instantly with partners on leads, accounts, opportunities, and cases.

9. Analytics – Empower every user with a comprehensive, real-time view of your business. Managers, executives, and reps are only a few clicks away from the insight needed to make smart business decisions and accurately estimate future sales.

10. Mobile – Don’t miss any activity, even when you’re out of the office. Follow your customers on your favorite mobile device. Salesforce runs native apps on the most popular mobile platforms: Android, BlackBerry, iPad, and iPhone.

11. AppExchange – Extend the Sales Cloud throughout your organization. Browse among 1,000+ applications on the AppExchange,’s popular marketplace for cloud computing apps.

12. platform – Tailor the Sales Cloud to work for your business with the leading cloud platform for business applications. Customize with clicks, add any business process, or build your apps and websites to extend your solution. Only with

Get started with the Sales Cloud, where you’ll work more productively thanks to real-time visibility, easy customization to fit your business and social collaboration that will help you sell more, faster. Other industry leaders like Cisco, Dell, NBCUniversal, and Wells Fargo all trust to help take their sales success to the next level. That’s why the Sales Cloud is the most popular sales application among
sales organizations of all sizes.

Web Design

Our design and development team creates websites for businesses based on our clients’ branding, target customers, and corporate cultures. We can create this branding, as well as your corporate logos for you, or use your existing ones. We develop websites that are user-friendly and grab the attention of the visitor.

Our team has extensive experience building websites from scratch, as well as updating sites with fresh polish, and can therefore tackle any project regardless of the scope. We assign a project manager to each project, following its success from the very beginning through the end. Your project manager provides consultation on all the details of the website renovation, such as the hosting and designs, and remains accessible for questions.

Our design and development team stays ahead of the curve, using the latest technologies to convert site traffic into sales.

Marketing Cloud

Listen at a social scale. Create compelling social presences. Connect with customers. Align sales, service, and marketing. Amplify your content. Track campaign ROI. Drive real business results.

We are in an era where all business is social. Even the most staid institutions and regulated businesses are being pulled into the social sphere by their customers, clients, and patients. Up until now, social media marketing has seemed complex. The management of social business and marketing integration has been scattered – too time-consuming or seemingly difficult to scale for the average business to consider.

Enter the socially connected business. By embedding social into every part of your business and marketing practice, being a social business becomes much easier to manage and scale. This has a direct positive impact on your bottom line, shareholder and customer happiness, customer service capabilities, lead generation, analytics across departments and the internet, product development, and much more. Imagine a business where the interaction between your departments, your customers, your potential customers, your suppliers, and your shareholders was seamless and fluid, with no barriers to success.

If you understand these six principles of social media marketing, you can be on your way to becoming a social business.

Six Principles of Social Media Marketing:

1. Social Listening
The importance of present and active social listening can not be overstated. Listening is one of the primary principles of social business and great social media marketing – it brings the world to your doorstep, allowing you to respond and take action in an agile way that hasn’t been done before. Listening lends unprecedented agility and reaches to businesses that foster the kind of dialogue needed to create a feeling of loyalty and trust.

2. Social Content
Social content is the key that unlocks your social business. Social listening feeds the social business and social media marketing ecosystem with constant, useful data. Social engagement makes you human and accessible. Social content puts your core values, knowledge, talents, products, advice, and services into a format that can be used, referenced, and shared.

3. Engagement
Engagement is the bridge between listening and content for the social business. Connecting everything your company does with embedded social practices and tools is important to a true social business ecosystem. By using engagement to reach beyond the walls of your brand, you enrich your other social efforts with value and authenticity, giving you an agile platform to make business decisions, solve problems, share ideas, and have a two-way dialogue with your community. Engagement lets you reach your customer and potential customers wherever they are.

4. Social Ads
Long gone are your typical broadcast, push ads. These ads are falling by the wayside because they just aren’t effective. Sure, banner ads and other ad formats still exist and still convert, but customers expect more. The ad has evolved, becoming social, interactive, entertaining, or informative, and much more pull than push.

5. Measurement
It is no longer plausible (or possible) to claim social media marketing and social business are too esoteric or ethereal to measure. You can indeed track the metrics that drive social media for your business. True social business follows a policy of “measure everything, leverage your data,” inside and out, for maximum success and accountability.

6. Workflow and Automation
Workflow and automation are the cornerstones of the socially embedded, completely agile social business. The key to great social media marketing is to keep your data and insights open and available to all team members in every department. This is the first step to the social business utopia of being able to anticipate changes in markets, understand and meet customer needs, iterate product development, manage cost savings, and discover new customers.

Customer Service Cloud

The world is changing. Customers are demanding more and better service, delivered through every conceivable channel.  That’s why more companies are using’s customer service software-as-a-service solution for call center CRM and help desk management. The key contrast with traditional customer support software is the “software as a service” model. Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support is delivered by subscription over the Web, unlike on-premise customer service software. So there’s no hardware or software to purchase or maintain, and no lengthy deployment cycle to impede you, your agents, or your customers.

For simplicity, no customer service software comes close to delivering call center CRM like Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support’s renowned ease of use means agents need less training, resolutions are speedier, and customers stay happy.

Amplify your content. Track campaign ROI. Drive real business results. We are in an era where all business is social. Even the most staid institutions and regulated businesses are being pulled into the social sphere by their customers, clients, and patients. Up until now, social media marketing has seemed complex. The management of social business and
marketing integration has been scattered – too time-consuming or seemingly difficult to scale for the average business to consider.’s customer service software as a service establishes the industry standard for call center CRM and customer self-service. You get the ease and functionality to maximize the productivity of every agent and deliver customer satisfaction across every channel. What’s more, with the power of the platform, Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support can be quickly and easily extended, customized, and adapted to any customer service challenge. This stands in stark contrast with conventional customer support software.

1- Single Multi-channel case management console for agents
2- Service Cloud provides a single intuitive console for agents to respond to all issues regardless of channel.
3- The Service Cloud console is a highly optimized UI to let agents access key customer information quickly.
4- Cases that originate in all channels including social channels are handled in the same way with a common knowledge base
5- The case feed allows agents to see the entire case history easily across all interactions before responding.
6- The agents can respond to an email, a tweet, or a chat session from the same interface without having to learn multiple systems, or manage multiple logins and open windows.

1- A rich self-service solution where customers can find answers to their questions online saving an expensive call to the contact center
2- With only one place to search, answers from both corporate knowledge and community-generated knowledge are brought back so customers get fast accurate answers regardless of who has the answer – another customer or your employees 
3- Unanswered questions are seamlessly escalated to the contact center so that no question goes unanswered based on your business rules – such as any question sitting unanswered for a day or a question with over 10 likes.
4- Customers can collaborate with each and your employees for more engagement, ideation, and higher customer satisfaction
1- With integration to Radian 6 we can listen to over 200M social media sources and with 1-click 1 an agent can turn a post into a case.
2- With a social hub, we can automatically filter the large volumes of social media noise into just the actionable posts that need follow-up.
3- This could be because of certain content in the posts, how it was tagged, the profile of the poster, and other determining factors.
4- Once a post has been identified for follow-up it is routed to the Service Cloud where a case can be created for an agent to review.
1- World-class case management, tracking, escalation, assignment, and entitlement engine; provides critical functionality to efficiently and effectively solve your customer's problems and take advantage of opportunities.
1- A single and integrated profile of a customer or prospect across all channels, products, and points of contact for an organization. A powerful tool to understand and address the needs of your customers.

Optimized Implementation Services

Are you getting the most you can from your CRM investment? We provide Salesforce “Optimization Services” and perform “Current State Assessments” so that you can learn more about how to leverage the Salesforce Platform. From Integration to Data cleansing, business process re-engineering, and development on the platform, we look to make you a “Customer Company” by taking advantage of Turnkey services from ProBizMix.

We do Strategy, planning, implementation, training, and support as well as Integrate Marketing solutions to Improve Business Velocity. Optimize your investment in CRM, Extend your Reach, and Accelerate your business!

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We build comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns.  This involves two components: on-site structuring and off-site content linking back to your site.  We conduct complete site audits, keyword analyses, competitive analyses, report monthly, and give our clients 24/7/365 access to reporting portal.  You can check your results at any time.

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves using evolving and innovative strategies to drive top rankings on search engines. The major search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing continually change their algorithms to keep pace with how the consumer is searching.  These changes can dramatically affect your company keyword rankings if you are not paying close attention to the changes IN ADVANCE and preparing for them ahead of time.  That is what you pay us to do.  The most recent Hummingbird release by Google is a great example.  Did your SEO company make changes before it happened to anticipate the changes?  Did they communicate that to you? We do!

(SEO) involves using evolving and innovative strategies to drive top rankings on search engines. Not all practices are ethical, and these unethical, or black-hat, SEO practices are commonly used by many agencies to cheat their way into rankings. But these techniques result in your website being penalized or even blacklisted. We only use trusted, white-hat practices that have proven to be effective in organically landing on the first page of Google and other major search engines.

Once we have the site so it will index and structured effectively, we start link-building activities.  These entail press releases, articles, white papers, blogs, and guest blogging, as well as submitting the site for local and national directories.  It is how we go about doing these activities that make a difference.  Using your keywords and links back to the site, your site will begin to increase in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for those keywords.  As people click through to your site, we consult with you on how to convert them to long-term customers.

We have many industry leaders as clients for whom we have been able to get top rankings – especially with competitive keywords. More specifically, 80 percent of our clients’ top five keywords have made it to the first page of Google within the first four months of their SEO campaign with us. This indicates our level of expertise and experience, and in fact, our SEO initiatives are probably how you found us in the first place.


Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, as with everything we do, focus on increasing your bottom line. And we do so by delivering quick results.  These campaigns can stand alone or be part of a broader strategy.  We suggest the latter of course.

Effective PPC campaigns can drive significant traffic to your site or landing page.  That requires a well-oiled strategy and experience to successfully maximize every dollar you spend.  The timing, cost per click, and conversion tracking are just a few key elements of your PPC campaign, and they must be constantly reviewed and tweaked to drive qualified traffic.  What happens once they reach your site or landing page is critical to converting these leads to a customer?  We map this out as part of the process.

Many agencies use outdated and unsophisticated strategies to simply drive the traffic.  We get into the mind of your prospective customer to understand their intent in searching for what they are searching for. Are they looking for a particular site or information that could be found on more than one?  Is their intent to engage in the web-mediated activity? Where are they in their purchase decision? These are all questions we ask ourselves as we set up each client’s campaign and tailor it to their specific needs.

We also audit a company’s current campaigns to detect changes that can be made to optimize the expenditure on PPC campaigns.  This third-party look at your current campaigns has proved valuable to many companies who are attempting to maximize their expenses in PPC campaigns.

The companies that have entrusted us to run their campaigns are: